Melodrama Postponed Due to Weather

Melodrama Postponed Due to Weather

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Performances for the 2nd Annual Senior Outreach Melodrama, Dirty Deeds at the Depot, originally scheduled for June 19, 20, 27, have been postponed.

This is due to the continued onset of rainy weather in the area.  Platte County is just not used to all of this water! The rivers are overflowing their banks and washing out roads.

Two of the leads for the Melodrama are experiencing this problem – Sarah Harris Hill and Russel Hill are trapped at home with roads washed out.  They have been unable to get to town for play rehearsals, and will not be able to make it in for the upcoming scheduled performances.

So – We have a little longer to anticipate a fun evening at the theater!

As soon as new dates for the Melodrama performances have been decided, they will be announced.

Stay Tuned!

Water, Water Everywhere.

In Platte County? Who would have thunk it?!

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