Wednesday, August 24 – Canning Basics with Jodi Dennis

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Jodi Dennis will be conducting a class on the basics of canning on Wednesday, August 24. If you’ve never canned before, or if it’s been awhile and you just need a brush-up, this class is for you. Did you know … Continued

Wednesday, June 29 – Coffee Tasting!

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Wednesday, June 29 will be a Coffee Tasting event, hosted by Cathy Suazo. Do you know the difference between light, medium and dark roasts? Do you know how coffee is brewed in a French Press? In an enamel coffee pot … Continued

June Road Trip – Wyoming Rock and Gem Show, Torrington

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The June Road Trip will be to the Wyoming Rock and Gem Show in Torrington. Normally our road trips are on a Friday, but June’s will be on Saturday, June 25. Prior to 1975, only jade and a few agates were … Continued

Wednesday, June 22 – Wyoming Weeds: How to Identify/ How to Control

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An important class will be conducted on Wednesday, June 22 by Master Gardener Sarah Harris Hill – Wyoming Weeds: How to Identify/ How to Control. All of us who want a garden or a pretty yard in Wyoming know the … Continued

Tuesday, June 7 – Craft Class: Candle Making

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Sarah will be teaching a Candle Making craft class on Tuesday, June 7. The art of candle making goes back centuries, and while we’re fortunate enough not to have to depend upon candles for light, the soft glow of a … Continued

Wednesday, May 25 – Aquaponics by Henry Poling

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On Wednesday, May 25, Henry Poling will give a class on Aquaponics. Henry explains: This is an opportunity to learn how to raise both vegetables and fish for food in the same organic system, in a small space. This type … Continued

Friday, May 20 – Road Trip to the Budweiser Brewery in Ft. Collins

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Our May road trip is Friday, May 20 to the Budweiser Brewery in Ft. Collins. The brewing of beer is a sophisticated science and a fascinating process. We’ll be taking the “Biermaster” tour of the brewery (which includes a stop in … Continued

Thursday, April 7 – Final Class of Cent$ible Nutrition

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Join Mary Evans, from the UW Extension Service, for this sixth and final class of Cent$ible Nutrition. Over the past weeks we’ve all learned a lot about making nutritious – and delicious! – meals on a budget. We’re eating better … Continued

Wednesday, April 6 – Introduction to Genealogy

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Wednesday, April 6 – Introduction to Genealogy Finding your roots – what could be more profound or more precious? But how to do that – a genealogy search can be overwhelming. That’s where Cathy Suazo, a genealogy expert, comes in. She … Continued

Tuesday, March 29 – Vietnam Veteran Commemoration

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On Tuesday, March 29, a national Commemoration of Vietnam Veterans is being held all across the country. Every community in every state is having its own celebration. Platte County will be holding its commemoration at the Senior Outreach Center. If … Continued

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