Wednesday, May 25 – Aquaponics by Henry Poling

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On Wednesday, May 25, Henry Poling will give a class on Aquaponics. Henry explains: This is an opportunity to learn how to raise both vegetables and fish for food in the same organic system, in a small space. This type … Continued

Wednesday, April 6 – Introduction to Genealogy

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Wednesday, April 6 – Introduction to Genealogy Finding your roots – what could be more profound or more precious? But how to do that – a genealogy search can be overwhelming. That’s where Cathy Suazo, a genealogy expert, comes in. She … Continued

Wednesday, March 9 – HELP! With Computers and Electronics

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If you’ve ever felt the need for help in understanding your computer or any of your electronics, you’re in luck – come to the Center on Wednesday, March 9, and Sarah will be there to throw you a lifeline! Computers can … Continued

Monday, November 23 – Help Make Tamales for Our Fundraiser

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On Monday, November 23, we’ll be making Tamales to sell at the concessions for the Career Fair on November 24. We’ll be gathering at Suzanne (Lira) Rocha’s home, who has wonderfully volunteered to teach us how to make these yummy … Continued

Tuesday, September 15 – Scented Soaps and Sugar Scrubs Class

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Learn how to make scented soaps and sugar scrubs at the Outreach Center on Tuesday, September 15. Molly Wilhelm is once again providing a fun activity. She will show us how to make scented soaps, and sugar scrubs that are … Continued

Wednesday, September 16 – How to Make Felted Garments

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On Wednesday, September 15, the Outreach Center is presenting a class in how to make felted garments. Creating and working with felt is a unique skill.  In this beginner’s class Sarah will start you out making felted coasters. You will … Continued

Easter Craft!

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We will be doing an easter Craft on Tuesday March 30 You will end up with some new ideas and a fun project! Come and Check it out!